Year 6 catch up!

Thank you to all the parents who have been sending in photos and videos of what Year 6 have been getting up while we are not at school. I thoroughly enjoy looking through all your emails to see what you have been doing. It is also fantastic to see all the amazing work that you have been doing at home and sending to me on Google Classroom. Even though this is a difficult and strange time, you are continuing to work very hard and stay focused.

Matthew has been keeping very active while at home, spending lots of time on his bike and going for walks. He has been doing some baking and playing the guitar. It looks like Matthew has been having lots of fun while at home: playing games, having a water fight, eating Easter chocolate and getting very creative – a fabulous rainbow for the NHS Matthew. It is lovely seeing that big smiley face in these pictures Matthew!

Oliver has been keeping busy baking a cake with his brother for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Oliver this looks delicious!

Skyla has been working very hard on her home learning tasks, keeping to a routine but still making sure she is having lots of fun too. Skyla has been climbing trees with Dexie and learning how to do back flips on her trampoline! Skyla is celebrating this week with an ‘end of SATs’ party – even though there has been no SATs this year she has worked very hard this year so is having a party! Have a wonderful time Skyla.

Louie has been keeping very active going for walks and enjoying the outdoors with his brother and sister as well as taking part in P E with Joe! He has been in the kitchen lots too, doing lots of baking and cooking – looks yummy Louie. He has decorated his house along with his sister for V E Day with colourful bunting and posters. Louie has even took to painting in the garden – it looks like you are having lots of fun Louie.

Lyla has been enjoying the sunshine with Keira while she has not been at school, going out for walks and spending time in the garden. As well as this, she has been doing some baking at home. Lovely to see those happy smiling faces!

If you wish to share any photographs or pieces of work that you have been doing at home, please email them to and I will add them to the class blog for yeou.

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