Year 6 Catch up

It is lovely hearing about all the wonderful things that some of Year 6 have been getting up to while we are not at school. Lots of you have been been sending in your work, completing your Accelerated Reader quizzes and sending in photographs for me to see what you have been doing.

Riley has been keeping very busy along with completing his school work and projects. He has been baking lots of cakes; chocolate brownies, iced sponge cake and chocolate concrete with mint custard! Your cake looks delicious Riley! I am impressed to hear about Riley’s very own ‘Be the best you can be’ where he has been trying to increase how many keep ups he can do in one go – he is now at 25! Amazing! Riley has been very creative making posters for the NHS Nightingale hospital and decorating his house to make it colourful for the neighbours. As well as all of this, Riley has been looking after his caterpillars and watching them grow and change into butterflies. Looking forward to seeing the butterflies Riley! Keep up the great work Riley.

Alfie has also been keeping very busy. For P.E, he has been doing a bit of target practice, plenty of bike rides and some amazing dancing – excellent idea Alfie! A little bit of science trying to make fluffy slime, maybe not quite as successful as he would have liked but it looked a lot a fun. Working together with his brother to make a scarecrow for the garden, what a fabulous idea Alfie – Did it scare the birds out of the garden? Alfie has demonstrated how creative he can be – chalking an enormous rainbow onto his drive to show his support to the NHS and making a life size Alfie hug perfectly in the rainbow colours. Excellent work Alfie.

Grace has been working so hard all the time. Here you can see her concentrating really well using her revision guides. She has been completing her Accelerated Reader quizzes and any projects that have been set. As well as her commitment to her school work, Grace has been a superstar at home helping out with some of the house work to help her mum and dad. Excellent work Grace!

Eleanor sent this piece of writing in to school. Year 6 were asked to write a persuasive leaflet encouraging people to go to Zennor in Cornwall. To complete this, Eleanor was required to research the tourist attractions of Zennor and think about appropriate language that would persuade visitors to go to this famous picturesque village. As you can see from this writing, she has worked so hard to complete a beautiful leaflet including the correct features. Well done Eleanor.

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