Children in Need

As part of their PSHCE lesson, last week Year 6 talked about the importance of Children in Need and how the money we raise goes to help all those children who are less fortunate than ourselves.  All the children supported their peers in ARP to make a fabulous day for the whole school.  ARP had organised a day full of activities for the whole school to enjoy, these included:

  • Face painting
  • Dance off
  • Penalty Shoot Out
  • Mini Golf
  • Cake sale
  • Sweet and Treats  Sale
  • Stationary Sale
  • Book Sale
  • Throw a wet sponge at the teacher!

Year 6 were able to put their Maths skills to the test, to help all the younger children when they came to buy from each stall.

A great day was had by all the children.


Sponsored Silence

The children in Year 6 decided they wanted to do something for Children in Need.  As a class, they came up with the idea that they would try and complete a sponsored silence for the day.  On Thursday the whole class took part, they stayed silent for the whole day excluding lunch time and break time.  A total of 5 hours! A tricky task in itself  for a short period of time nevertheless as a team they worked together to complete the 5 hours.  They used whiteboards and notepads to communicate and they even managed to use some Makaton signing for some parts of the day. Up to now, the total raised by Year 6 for their Sponsored Silence is £378, there is still money coming in each day!

An enormous well done to Year 6! Miss Rea, Miss Stephenson and the rest of the staff at school are very proud of you all!