Paired Reading

Year 6 have enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Year 2 today.  They have been reading their books to each other and sharing their love of reading.  Some of the children in Year 6 decided to have story time with the children and they sat comfortably on the floor reading a story to a group of Year 2 children.  The children discussed their favourite authors and which books they enjoyed reading.

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  1. I enjoyed reading with year 2! I read with Riah and we read the rocket ship we also read the brilliant world of Tom Gates.

  2. For reading we partnered up with one of the Year 2.
    I picked Mia and we read a bit of horrid Henry.
    We took turns I listened to her reading to see if she read slow and smoothly.
    We sat in the reading corners and I asked questions of the book and see if she understood.

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