Harvest Poetry

Year 6 learnt a harvest poem for our Harvest Festival. They worked in small groups to rehearse their verse and then came together to recite the chorus.

Here is our performance:

Sporting Challenge

This afternoon, Year 6 met with their partnership class (Year 2) to take part their first ‘Be the best you can be’ of the school year.  The children were setting the starting scores ready to try and improve them next month.  The children in Year 6 really enjoy working with their friends in Year 2 to help them achieve and be the best they can be.

Paired Reading

Year 6 have enjoyed a lovely afternoon with Year 2 today.  They have been reading their books to each other and sharing their love of reading.  Some of the children in Year 6 decided to have story time with the children and they sat comfortably on the floor reading a story to a group of Year 2 children.  The children discussed their favourite authors and which books they enjoyed reading.