Condover Hall -Day 3

So, our adventures have come to an end but not before a final activity for each group and a farewell to the awesome activity instructors.

Group 1 used their survival skills to light a fire and to build shelters.

Group 3 braved the climbing wall after breakfast, where each and every one gave it a go and climbed as high as they could.

We were then presented with our certificates from our instructors for being outstanding at all the activities.

Miss Rea, Miss Faulkner, Mr Stephens and Mr Owen are so proud of each and everyone of ‘Team Year 6’. The quote we saw at every meal time really was inspiration. The children really have been brave, strong and smart.

Well done Year 6 for a fabulous trip. We hope you have had a wonderful time and created a wonderful amount of special memories that you will keep with you forever.

Let’s continue to have a wonderful year!

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  1. What a wonderful time it looks was had by all at Condover! The activities look amazing, I wouldn’t mind a go on that climbing wall. Happy to see a good old campfire too.
    That is a wonderfully inspiring quote,
    perhaps we could consider it across the beam in our dining hall too 😊?
    See you soon Mrs Bell x

  2. What fantastic pictures year 6, you have had an amazing time! I am so pleased to see you working together as one team and I know this will continue now throughout year 6.

  3. At Condover Hall we had a range of thrilling and challenging activities. This trip helped us gain strong friendships and conquer some mager heart racing activities. On Day 2 my favourite activity was definitely Trapeze because I felt like I was climbing a tree in the forest and the wind was rapidly hitting my face.

  4. I was sad when we had to leave condover hall but I was also exited for the last activity and over-joyed that I got to see my mom and dad when I got home.

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