Condover Day 2

We are just about to go to bed after a second action packed day at Condover Hall.

Following breakfast this morning, group 1 went climbing, followed by archery and lunch. In the afternoon, they went on the trapeze and gladiator wall.

Group 2 went on the trapeze, followed by fencing and lunch. ย In the afternoon, they took part on survival skills and archery.

Group 3โ€™s first activity was the zip wire, followed by trapeze and lunch. ย In the afternoon they went on the gladiator wall and took part in survival skills.

After tea time, we went for the traditional camp fire.

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  1. Camp Fire was excellent it was fun and memorable .It was a real experience for us year 6.One day I hope for the younger ones to have the experience we had. All of the teachers that came was so nice, kind an funny especially Miss Rea .Our instructors were warm and welcoming . I hope I go again someday.

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