Condover Day 1

We have had an action packed first day at Condover Hall.  We left school at 8:15 this morning and arrived at Condover Hall at 9:30.

Group 1’s first activity was the Zip Wire, followed by lunch then Fencing and Wet and Wacky.

Group 2’s first activity was the Climb, followed by lunch then Zip Wire and Wet and Wacky.

Group 3’s first activity was Fencing, followed by lunch then Wet and Wacky and Archery.

After dinner, we all joined together to take part in our Busted quiz.

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  1. On the first day I was amazed by the massive mansion in front of me.
    The food there was scrumptious and amazing( mmmm🤤) The activities were harder than you think.
    The climbin wall was difficult but I was patient and I used clever thinking to get to where I could get to

  2. I really enjoyed day 1 at Condover. Some of the activities were : Archery, Fencing, Wet and Wacky and a quiz. We were all tired after an action packed day.

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