In Year 6, we have started our new topic of Orienteering as part of our P.E. Lessons. To begin with, we learnt how to read a map, how to look for where the clues had been hidden. Β On Tuesday, we went out onto the playground to draw our own maps of the playground, to make sure we included everything on the playground. Β We also learnt how to include a key on our map to help understand what things are on our maps.

Here are some of our finished maps of the playground.

On Friday, we were given a map of the playground and we were shown where 12 control markers were hidden on main map using the interactive white board. We needed to mark on our maps where the markers were hidden before we went out to search for them.

At each control marker there was a letter to record and a mathematical question to solve. We were timed to see how long it took us to complete all 12 markers and we received points for our correct mathematical answers. When we had all 12 letters we were challenged to see how many words we could make using those letters and could we make a word using all the letters?

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  1. Lauren
    In orienteering I had to solve math clues and find letters to complete words.

    In orienteering me and skyla had to look for letters and math questions to make words.

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