Sporting Challenge


This afternoon, the children in Year 6 joined with their partnership class, Year 2, to take part in February’s ‘Be the best you can be!’.  The children were determined to improve on their scores from January and worked exceptionally hard.

Working on specific skills they threw, ran and skipped to success!





Super Dodgeball

After the success of the recent Dodgeball competition, the whole of Year 6 have been really enthusiastic about playing dodgeball.  They are always wanting to improve  their technique and become better throwers. Their aims have been getting a lot more accurate  and so the games have been getting a lot more competitive.  Year 6, even though highly competitive, have been thinking about the whole school value this half term of ‘honesty’ and have been playing very honestly by following the rules and if they were hit below the waist they have stood out.  The games have been getting fairer as the lessons have gone on and all the children have been helping each other and encouraging one another to keep trying.

French – BINGO

The children have been revising their numbers to 60 in French this week.  They could recall the numbers to 20 easily, however they have struggled to remember all of the ten numbers up to sixty.  We sang the ‘Tous les nombres chantent’  song to help us remember.

To try and secure our numbers we played a short game of BINGO. We made our own BINGO charts and we listened to see if we heard one of our numbers on the chart.  Miss Rea read the numbers out in French and we needed to decided what number it was and cross it off if we had it.

Eleanor was week 1 Champion and Matthew was week 2 Champion. Très bien!

Old School Hip Hop!

As part of our music lessons in Year 6, we have been learning about the ‘Old school hip hop’ style.  The hip hop style includes a lot of rapping, in particular freestyle. We started by listening to Will Smith’s ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ song from 1990.  Lots of the children recognised the song from the TV programme that ran from 1990 to 1996 starring Will Smith himself.

The children continued to then look at the lyrics to the rap while listening to the song and realised that it was a short story about his life.  They had lots of questions about the geography behind the song, Where is West Philadelphia? Where is Bel Air? What is it like there? This really helped them understand the song a lot more.

The following week, the children recapped the song lyrics but started to add music to the instrumental parts of the song using the glockenspiels.

The children have really enjoyed the start of this topic, we will soon start to make a Year 6 band using a variety of different instruments to perform our song.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The children in Year 6 have worked very hard over the last few weeks to prepare for their Christmas performance.  They chose to perform some of the more recognisable scenes from the film version of Dr Seuss’s ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’.  The children were so enthusiastic while they were auditioning for the parts and this continued throughout the rehearsals and  in the final performances. The improved the volume of both their speaking parts and their singing was phenomenal!

Here are all the little ‘Who’s’ in their wonderful costumes (a huge thank you to the parents) along with the ever smiley Grinch!  Well done everyone!


Should fake news be banned?

Year 6 have been looking at the positive points and the negative points of fake news.  In class they have been debating about whether or not they think it should be banned.

They later argued the statement that too much fuss is being made about fake news- it is funny!

We later talked about what bias meant, and how journalists  often print news articles which are biased towards one particular view.

Year 6 have enjoyed looking at both sides of the argument and listening to each others view points.

Children in Need

As part of their PSHCE lesson, last week Year 6 talked about the importance of Children in Need and how the money we raise goes to help all those children who are less fortunate than ourselves.  All the children supported their peers in ARP to make a fabulous day for the whole school.  ARP had organised a day full of activities for the whole school to enjoy, these included:

  • Face painting
  • Dance off
  • Penalty Shoot Out
  • Mini Golf
  • Cake sale
  • Sweet and Treats  Sale
  • Stationary Sale
  • Book Sale
  • Throw a wet sponge at the teacher!

Year 6 were able to put their Maths skills to the test, to help all the younger children when they came to buy from each stall.

A great day was had by all the children.


Sponsored Silence

The children in Year 6 decided they wanted to do something for Children in Need.  As a class, they came up with the idea that they would try and complete a sponsored silence for the day.  On Thursday the whole class took part, they stayed silent for the whole day excluding lunch time and break time.  A total of 5 hours! A tricky task in itself  for a short period of time nevertheless as a team they worked together to complete the 5 hours.  They used whiteboards and notepads to communicate and they even managed to use some Makaton signing for some parts of the day. Up to now, the total raised by Year 6 for their Sponsored Silence is £378, there is still money coming in each day!

An enormous well done to Year 6! Miss Rea, Miss Stephenson and the rest of the staff at school are very proud of you all!

Harvest Poetry

Year 6 learnt a harvest poem for our Harvest Festival. They worked in small groups to rehearse their verse and then came together to recite the chorus.

Here is our performance: